The Place

Good working conditions and high quality have been priorities since the very beginning.


Our knitwear is made in Italy in a very small city called San Giovanni delle Contee. The town is based in Toscana at the northern edge of the municipal territory, on a modest hill overlooking the valley of the Stridolone stream, in the Tufo area. The handknits are made by local women in their homes and are always made in very limited pieces, sometimes down to 5 of one color.

Our knit supplier only buys yarns from high quality Italian yarn suppliers.


Our wool/viscose jersey is produced in Italy, the viscose used is a viscose staple fiber made of 50% FSC-certified wood pulp and 50% post-consumer recycled cotton textiles. The wool is from Italy. The confection is made in a small factory in a city called Fafe, located in the area around Braga and Guimaraes in Portugal.


Our jersey is made in a mix of organic GOTS certified cotton and lyocell.

Organic GOTS certified cotton (The Global Organic Textile Standard) is a standard for organic fibers. It is known and recognized throughout the world. GOTS controls contents of the materials from production and harvesting of raw materials, through processing to finished product, and provides a credible guarantee of environmentally and socially responsible production to the final consumer.

Lyocell is made from FSC-certified wood kvass from European beech trees and eucalyptus trees from South Africa. The trees require nothing more than rainwater and grow in natural forest areas, and the wood material for fiber production comes from natural forest thinning.

The t-shirts are produced in a family-run factory based in a small mountain town called Bairro about 40 km north of Porto. The factory is located on a street named Rua da Boa Vista which means the street with the beautiful view, this says it all…


Our Coats are made of deadstock high quality fabrics, which means leftover fabrics stocked in various warehouses by luxury fabric suppliers in Italy.

As we buy leftovers, it gives us the opportunity to make just a few pieces in each fabric and to make new coats continuously.

The confection is made in Portugal at the same factory as our wool/viscose jersey and as we have worked with them for many years, they agree to make small productions.


Sustainability has always been in our thoughts and is something we find important. We produce in Portugal & Italy; therefore, we use no unnecessary fuel to transport the clothes to Denmark. We only produce small quantities, so there is no waste. You can always see how many pieces are made as every garment is numbered and signed by the producer to validate their work.